Justin Etzine


Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroy, NYJanuary 2018–Expected May 2019

Masters of Business Administration; concentration in Corporate Technological Entrepreneurship

  • Relevant Courses: Information Systems for Management (S18), Managing on the Edge (S18), Introduction to Technological Entrepreneurship (S18), Corporate Entrepreneurship (S18), Organizational Design and Change (S18)

Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroy, NYAugust 2014–Expected May 2018

Dual B.S. in Computer Science and Information Technology & Web Science; concentration in Web Technologies

  • Relevant Courses: Computer Organization, Database Systems, Interface Design and Hypermedia Theory, Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, Managing IT Resources, Network Programming, Parallel Programming, Principles of Software, Web Science Systems Development, Programming Languages

Work Experience

Cisco SystemsPart-Time Software Engineer Intern | Troy, NYAugust 2017–present

Cisco SystemsSoftware Engineer Intern | San Jose, CAMay 2017–August 2017

  • Served as technical lead and principal architect for a project to establish a new platform aimed at business process automation, focusing on extensibility and modularity using a microservice architecture, where I served as a technical resource and decision point for a team of four interns
  • Served as technical lead for the financial management application developed during my first internship with Cisco, serving as a technical resource for two interns working on developing new features
  • Awarded first place in the 2017 Supply Chain Operations Intern Case Competition for a proposal for automating and improving efficiency of the product change management process for suppliers
  • Contributed to the Cisco UI project—a unified, reusable set of web development tools that match Cisco’s corporate brand image and design guidelines

Cisco SystemsPart-Time Software Engineer Intern | Troy, NYAugust 2016–May 2017

  • Devised and implemented a plan to scale the financial management application across all organizations of Cisco’s Information Technology business unit, and beyond
  • Conceptualized, and conducted feasibility analyses for, the automation of various business operations processes

Cisco SystemsSoftware Engineer Intern | San Jose, CAJune 2016–August 2016

  • Served as Technical Lead for interns working on the financial management application developed during my internship during Summer 2015; collected user feedback for, designed, and implemented custom reporting and visualization options for managers and directors
  • Architected and implemented a paginated search solution for large datasets in Cisco’s eCommerce platform

Cisco SystemsPart-Time Software Engineer Intern | Troy, NYAugust 2015–June 2016

  • Maintained and continued development on the application built and deployed during Summer 2015
  • Assessed application performance and refactored code to improve stability and performance

Cisco SystemsSoftware Engineer Intern | Troy, NYJune 2015–August 2015

  • Developed comprehensive financial management application for Cisco’s Commerce group using MEAN stack and cloud-based technology
  • Collaborated with stakeholders for input, designed and built the application’s front-end from scratch, and worked with teammates to model a robust server framework

Morgan StanleyIntern | Troy, NYJuly 2014–August 2014

  • Contributed to development on an internally-distributed AngularJS UI framework
  • Successfully created and released a text-based setup assistant to simplify and standardize the project creation process


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute152nd Grand Marshal | Troy, NYApril 2017–present

  • Served as the highest elected student official and chief representative of the student body
  • Chaired the Student Senate, the chief representational and legislative body
  • Coordinated strategic planning and oversight for the ten committees of the Student Senate, working with the respective chairmen to ensure they are equipped for maximum outreach ability in their areas of focus
  • Served as a principal connection between the student body and the Institute's Board of Trustees, presenting to the Trustees' Student Life Committee regularly on updates related to the student body.

RPI Student SenateStudent Life Committee ChairmanApril 2016–April 2017

  • Managed a committee that worked on projects to improve student life at RPI
  • Guided and provided oversight over sub-committee chairmen and project leads to ensure maximum project success and adoption
  • Interfaced with the RPI's Vice President for Student Life to coordinate project efforts with the Division of Student Life and provide direct student feedback during monthly meetings

RPI Student SenateWeb Technologies Group ChairmanApril 2016–April 2017

  • Guided the committee in producing new technologies that provide digital services to students for no charge
  • Maintained existing services and server architecture to sustain and grow the service offerings to students
  • Lead the development of the RPI Elections service (http://elections.union.rpi.edu) to provide students with a central location for information on student government elections and provide candidates a medium to promote their campaigns uniformly online

RPI Student SenateClass of 2018 SenatorSeptember 2014–April 2017

  • Expected to debate differing opinions and create compromises to achieve goals with unilateral support
  • Contributed to projects and proposals on several student government committees

Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteResident Director | Troy, NYJune 2017–present

  • Managed a staff of five resident assistants, coordinating staff meeting and building duty assignments
  • Reviewed staff programming proposals, ensuring that the programs met the risk-management requirements, educational goals, and budget requirements expected of programs

Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteResident Assistant | Troy, NYJune 2016–May 2017

  • Served as a Resident Assistant for RPI’s Barton Hall with direct oversight of 39 first-year students and indirect oversight of approximately 300 first-year students
  • Mediated and resolved interpersonal conflicts and situations to promote a positive community for all residents
  • Fostered a sense of camaraderie between residents throughout the building
  • Ensured compliance with university, state, and federal policies to maintain a secure living environment

The Rensselaer PolytechnicManaging Editor | Troy, NYDecember 2015–May 2016

  • Oversaw an editorial staff of the paper to ensure quality content week-by-week
  • Assisted in a variety of core functions of the paper, including writing, photography, graphic design, and management, to ensure the smooth operation of the paper, especially on production nights

The Rensselaer PolytechnicContributing Editor | Troy, NYMay 2015–December 2015

The Rensselaer PolytechnicNews Coordinator | Troy, NYApril 2015–May 2015

The Rensselaer PolytechnicAssociate News Editor | Troy, NYJanuary 2015–April 2015

RPI TVBusiness Manager | Troy, NYSeptember 2016–February 2017

RPI TVFacilities and Equipment Manager | Troy, NYJanuary 2016–September 2016

Technical Skills